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I had to start all over again!

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Thanks for sending me enough eggs to complete my mission . All points sent. Have fun today.
Thanks for helping. I’ve been hurting letters to complete my word. This task is done. All points have been sent along the way. Take care.
I completed my Hourly Order on time!
I just finished my joyFarm Hourly Day Order for 200 points! A big thank you to everyone who helped me!
I completed my Special Day Order!
I just finished my joyFarm Special Day Order for 500 points! A big Thank You goes to everyone who helped me!
Thanks for all the eggs and help. I truly appreciate sharing your eggs. All points sent. Have a great 4th of July.
Thanks for sending enough letters to complete my word. All points sent for this task. Have a great 4th of July weekend. Be safe.
Need more Farm Buddies. Thanks
I lost my account and am having to start a new one. I don't know what my old account pass word is and they can't seem to give it to me. I need new neighbors for Joy Eggs, Words and Farms I don't play tribes. Please be my neighbor again. My laptop has been down for several days so I have just received it back. Thanks so much if you want to be my buddie. I try to play everyday if not twice a day. Thanks so much.
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